New School Alert: DBS

On April 4th we will start a new school here at YWAM Trentino: The Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

Written by Jakob Reitter - DBS Staff

What is a DBS?

The school will take our students on a journey from Genesis to Revelation reading through all the 66 books of the Bible. We will teach tools on how to study the Bible and lead a bible reading group. It will give a better understanding of the overall story of the Bible, God’s nature and character and the historical context in which scripture has been written. There will be teachings with weekly topics like “Origins & Worldview” - what was the Hebrew mindset in this time? - and “Intertestamental Period” - What happened between Malachi & Matthew? We will go deep in Scripture while living in a community of disciples where we sharpen and learn from one another.

Why this school, what’s different?

This school is a 2nd level YWAM school, specifically aimed at those that have already done a DTS. There are different 2nd level YWAM Bible Schools, of which the DBS is the most community focussed. Instead of studying solely by yourself, we will explore the Bible in a small group with people of many backgrounds and perspectives. The aim is growing into the image of God through both Scripture as well as through a discipleship community.

This school focuses on the overview and summary rather than tearing apart every verse and word. You will learn how to process the word of God to then apply it to your own life. During the school you will be led through the Bible so that you can find the red thread that connects the whole biblical story. At the end each of the students will present an overview of the entire Bible.

A typical week in a DBS

Every week looks roughly the same. Every morning consists mostly of lectures followed by a community lunch and practical work. In the afternoon you will spend time with your small group reading the Bible out loud and discussing topics that come up during that time. There will be times for worship and intercession spread throughout the week. In the evening there is study time. A time set apart for you to go deeper with God, process the day or learn more about background information. Every Friday night we have family night where we get together with the entire YWAM Trentino family to share a meal and have quality time together.


After the Lecture Phase, there will be a 5 week outreach. This is an opportunity to practice teaching Scripture to others, and also share everything that you have learnt in the DBS. Part of it will be to share your Bible overview, teach on books of the Bible, and lead as well as equip others to study the Bible through the Inductive Bible Study method. We aim to go on outreach in a different cultural context. This will help you to expand your worldview as well as your comfort zone. And there is nothing quite like traveling and teaching about the Bible together with your friends.

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