Trailblazers DTS 2020

When we first started making the plans for this DTS, all that we knew was that we would be able to make use of 4 tiny B&B apartments that could potentially hold around 16 beds, but no living rooms and tiny kitchen spaces only.

The moment we said 'yes' to God's guidance to start communicating about the DTS 2 months before we were to start another opportunity opened up to rent 2 large apartments in Arco. Apartment number 2 wasn't completely finished and ready to use, but in agreement with the owners we were allowed to start using it even while the heaters were still being fixed, the kitchen was still being installed, and some other minor renovations were still taking place. The heaters in the staff and student dorms didn't turn on until the day the students arrived and the room that is now our classroom was still cold enough to breathe out little clouds into the cold air up until a few weeks ago. God's timing is impeccable!

The school is made up of the Blijleven family from The Netherlands, 2 more staff from South Africa and Brazil and 5 students from Germany, the UK, and the USA. It has been an amazing journey of growth in understanding more about who God is and who we are in his eyes. There's too many highlights to mention here, but we'll just list some for a quick overview:

  • Weekly topics included: Father Heart of God, the Person & Work of Holy Spirit, God's Heart for the Nations & Missions
  • We were able to buy our very own van with YOUR support!
  • We bought the van just in time to drive to Prague for a European Leadership Gathering, where the students helped serve to help run the Gathering practically.
  • Got to experience the goodness of God in his creation while we were able to do some amazing hikes, climbs, fires by the lake, and even a day of skiing here in Trentino. 
  • We went on weekly outreaches to Trento, reaching out to university students and homeless people in the parks.
  • We had visits from lots of friends from all over Europe and amazing speakers to teach in the school every single week.
  • We saw students' lives change because of the power of Truth of the Word of God and His Spirit! 
  • We had our first baptism in Lake Garda! 

And now?... the DTS just left to go do their outreach and in the mean time we are making plans for the months to come. Keep an eye out for the next DTS - starting September 27, 2020! More about the outreach team below... 


Our location

Arco, Italy