Testimonies from Uganda

A story from Uganda, Rosalie shares her experience as a student on outreach.

By Rosalie, Student of the Cammino DTS 2021

Life in Uganda has been a great adventure, although very different to our time in Italy during the lecture phase of DTS. We are now closer to the end of outreach and have seen so much of God’s beauty in this nation and His grace over the people here. At the same time we have grown closer together as a team, we have had fun together, learnt together and have gone through some of the challenges of living abroad in Africa.

When we first arrived we stayed with YWAM Hopeland, a beautiful base surrounded by nature and many fruit trees. Now we have moved to the capital city, Kampala, a complete contrast as it is a large city with a population of 1.5 million. Here we are working with Via Pacis and we look forward to what God will be doing during the coming time. For now, I will talk more about what He has already been doing during the first half of our trip to Uganda.

There are a lot of stories. For me, the story that made the most impact was the day we went to a market and met a guy that we spent some time talking to. The girl I was with, Laura, heard from God the word ‘baptism’ and so did I, so we felt like asking if he would like to get baptized right at that moment. So with some others helping us, we were able to witness his baptism on that day. And on the same day during ministry 7 others came to Christ including 3 that previously followed Islam. God is good!

Another story is from going door to door visiting people in their homes. We went into a village and already in the first house there was a girl that was in pain and we were asked to pray for her. After that, we were asked to pray for all the sick people in the village, like 20 people, I really felt like a doctor. The people had so much faith in healing. After hearing people here really being thankful they're still alive despite their illnesses, I have a different mindset now.

We’ve faced a few challenges during this outreach, one of the biggest has actually been how many times our team has gotten sick. We have had food poisoning many times and other diseases. A few days ago I got a second degree burn, and at least every week someone has to go to the hospital… Also, the language has been a barrier for us but thankfully we have had people from the YWAM base translating for us!

During this time we have grown so much closer as a team and have had so much fun together. My team just supported me recently in getting baptized, which was such a special moment. I was already thinking about it a long time ago but it was more out of a thought of duty, like God is asking me, ‘so okay’. But then it became something different when we baptized the guy we met at the market, I then got the desire to get baptized too.

Our outreach so far has definitely not been easy, but it has been so worth it! We have told more than a thousand people of God's love for them. I am sure that we will never forget this cammino (walk) we have had!

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