Trailblazers DTS September 2024

Trailblazers DTS 2024

Be radically impacted by God. Have an impact in this world. Be a Light on a Hill. Blaze new trails for the Gospel to be known in the nations. Until all have heard! We will go on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. This will be 6 months, set apart for the Lord, to seek His kingdom. A time to discover who YOU are in community, in God. We are on fire for the Gospel and committed to see the Great Comission happen in our lifetime. This is the start of something beautiful. It will be life-changing!


  • When? 22 September 2024 - 7 March 2025
  • Where? Arco, Trentino, at the foot of the Italian Alps, Northern Italy
  • Cost? Training Phase: €2650 Outreach: €2500 - €2750 Application Fee: €50.-

More info coming soon

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We’re excited to pursue the passionate purpose-driven lives Jesus calls us to together on this new adventure!

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Arco, Italy